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ACH Fraud Prevention

Payment Fraud Manager from Fiserv is the next generation of ACH fraud prevention. It takes an integrated, cross-channel view of customers and their behavior, evaluating ACH payments with sophisticated analytics. With Fiserv, increased fraud detection accuracy and real-time capabilities help financial institutions respond swiftly and effectively to ACH fraud.

Payment Fraud Manager applies advanced analytics and risk scoring models that provide real-time interdiction of transactions while enabling fraud investigators to focus on the highest risk ACH transactions, presenting all of the data the investigator needs at their fingertips in order to determine how to disposition the suspicious ACH payment. Organizations can rapidly and flexibly adapt strategies to react to and deal with rapidly emerging ACH fraud patterns.

Key benefits:

  • Identifies ACH fraud in real-time before losses are incurred
  • Catches more ACH fraud using predictive pattern recognition models
  • Reduces false positives, improving operational efficiency
  • Controls flash fraud with user-defined scenarios and scorecards
  • Simplifies workflow with comprehensive alert and case management

How it works:

Payment Fraud Manager provides selected out-of-the-box integrations for data feeds, responses and other actions. Real-time detection scenarios evaluate ACH files, batches and transactions, looking for unusual behavior and other characteristics that indicate fraud risk.


The system continuously updates normal behavior profiles for each customer, account and other entities relevant to the ACH process.

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