ACAMS Casions AML detection

Anti-Money Laundering Software

Fiserv's anti-money laundering software solution takes ongoing monitoring of customers and their transactions to a new level of efficacy with superior analysis, detection, investigation, link analysis, risk rating and mitigation, case management and FIU reporting.

Built on a proven infrastructure and 15 years of global experience and industry leadership, this new anti-money laundering software solution and its unique configurability lets AML teams meet today’s challenges and be ready for tomorrow's.

Stable, Proven and
Committed Vendor
Global FinTech powerhouse with AML leadership pedigree for 1,000+ clients around the world.
Cost-Efficient, End-to-End,
Integrated detection, case management and reporting on Microsoft® stack using open standards.
Broad and Deep Experience Expert staff with proven success across industry segments, tiers and regions.
Leverage for Sanctions Screening, FATCA Control, Fraud Prevention Investment in data, software and vendor toward a holistic view of financial crime risk.
Sophistication at Your Fingertips Highly configurable to fit unique business needs, reduce vendor customization and upgrade cost.
What's New in
AML Risk Manager
Superior Behavior Detection Profile any entity in real time with sophisticated metrics to detect potential suspicions.
KYC-Adjusted Risk Rating Reduce ongoing monitoring and show risk-based approach by quantifying effort judgment.
Transparent Predictive Scoring Optimize alert workload and prioritization based on risk with
data-driven analytics and modules.
Understand and Investigate Beneficial Ownership Comply with new regulations and understand the true source of funds and risk.
Self-Service Business Intelligence Powerful reporting and visual dashboarding.
  • Modules
  • Enhanced SWIFT Sanctions Screening
  • Peer Group Analysis
  • Automated Alert Investigation
  • Risk Based Due Diligence