Electronic Payment Fraud – How to Create a Robust Defense

ACH & Wire fraud attacks are on the rise, and the impact of high profile incidents can be severe with clients moving to other banks and irretrievable reputational damage once these failures make the news. What’s more, cyber criminals continue to penetrate and circumvent even the strongest online security measures, leaving institutions and their customers open to attack.

View this on-demand webinar and hear how a multi-layered layered defense strategy with proactive payment monitoring helps tackle this growing threat. In this webinar we discuss:

  • What is involved in ACH and Wire fraud? How is this crime perpetrated and how you can prevent losses for your institution and customers
  • Real-life strategies you can put in place once fraud has been detected
  • Real case studies highlighting how banks are addressing this problem to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Achieving a holistic approach to financial crime – ability to quickly address new fraud risks as they come along

Watch the recorded webinar now and learn more about ACH and Wire fraud prevention and how to prevent losses with minimal impact to clients and operations.

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