Applying AML Best Practices to Casinos and Money Services Businesses

AML compliance is becoming more complex and more demanding for a wider range of industries. Regulators have increased the scrutiny and fines levied on non-traditional industries including casinos and money services businesses (MSBs). These organizations can apply many best practices from the traditional financial services industry to meet regulatory requirements without driving up costs or compromising the patron experience.

Watch this on-demand webinar or download the presentation slides and learn more about:

  • Adopting AML best practices relevant to gaming organizations and MSBs
  • Improving money laundering monitoring to better manage emerging risks
  • Balancing suspicious activity detection, the patron experience and operational costs

Speaker:  Andrew Davies, VP, Global Market Strategy, Fiserv.

Intended Audience: This webinar will appeal to those interested in compliance, risk management, fraud prevention.

Fiserv, a leading provider of Financial Crime Risk Management solutions, is delighted to invite you to this educational webinar hosted with ACAMS.

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