Bridge your AML and fraud detection efforts to boost efficiency.

The financial services industry has long deliberated the merits of converging anti-fraud and AML processes under one umbrella. In addition, regulators increasingly want to see signs of co-ordination and alignment between Fraud and AML teams and processes – not necessarily full integration but evidence of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and shared metrics and data. Yet a lot of institutions remain cautious.

Watch this on-demand webinar to delve deeper into the convergence of AML and Fraud and how these departments can leverage the obvious similarities between their domains. Topics discussed include:

  • Examining the benefits of the convergence of Fraud and AML
  • What are the main obstacles in the convergence of Fraud and AML?
  • How to successfully implement a unified case management system for both Fraud and AML
  • Crossing silos to centralise data collection to enable real time analysis for AML and Fraud


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