Preventing Crime through Collaboration and Integration

Financial crime is a massive problem globally. If funds were equated to GDP, money laundering would be a Top 5 global economy on par with Germany, and the cost to banks of recovering from a fraud event can be greater the amount of the fraud itself. Meanwhile, fraud attempts continue to rise.

However, crime preventions often feels like a zero sum game because prevention results in multiple trade-offs as banks hope to appease customers, regulators and investors. Banks are looking to share resources and platforms — as well as leverage data utilities and each other — in the ongoing fight against financial crime.

Join us to learn how to identify opportunities to prevent financial crime by sharing resources and platforms. This event promises to:

• Identify the steps banks need to take to respond to escalating threats to the organization
• Present new tools in the fight for financial crime prevention

Watch this on-demand webinar from CEB TowerGroup, sponsored by Fiserv.

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