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Why Stand Alone? Convergence of AML and Fraud to Achieve Greater Effectiveness

Hosted by Chartis Research

The financial services industry has long deliberated the merits of converging anti-fraud and AML processes under one umbrella. In addition, regulators increasingly want to see signs of co-ordination and alignment between Fraud and AML teams and processes – not necessarily full integration but evidence of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and shared metrics and data. Yet a lot of institutions remain cautious. Watch this on-demand webinar to delve deeper into the convergence of AML and Fraud and how these departments can leverage the obvious similarities between their domains. Topics discussed include:

  • Examining the benefits of the convergence of Fraud and AML
  • What are the main obstacles in the convergence of Fraud and AML?
  • How to successfully implement a unified case management system for both Fraud and AML

Creating Customer Insight and Revenue from Compliance

Hosted by CEB TowerGroup

Financial services institutions of all sizes are caught in a perfect storm of spend and trend – and they are looking for a way out. Regulatory activity remains high, and spending is expected to increase for the foreseeable future as regulatory requirements have driven massive investments in KYC, AML, and even KYCC. At the same time, existing compliance systems have the most current – and accurate – information about customer behavior at a time when banks are struggling to grow revenue. Given the overlap of these two trends, it’s time to push for a positive return on compliance spending – to help grow the bank while still protecting the bank. Watch this on-demand webinar from CEB TowerGroup, sponsored by Fiserv, that promises to :

  • Highlight the drivers creating this collision between compliance spend and revenue generation
  • Identify the steps banks need to taking to leverage their compliance spend
  • Provide examples of how banks can use their compliance spend to grow revenue

Applying AML Best Practices to Casinos and Money Services Businesses

Hosted by Fiserv

AML compliance is becoming more complex and more demanding for a wider range of industries. Regulators have increased the scrutiny and fines levied on non-traditional industries including casinos and money services businesses (MSBs). These organizations can apply many best practices from the traditional financial services industry to meet regulatory requirements without driving up costs or compromising the patron experience. Watch this on-demand webinar or download the presentation slides and learn more about:

  • Adopting AML best practices relevant to gaming organizations and MSBs
  • Improving money laundering monitoring to better manage emerging risks
  • Balancing suspicious activity detection, the patron experience and operational costs

Electronic Payment Fraud: How to Create a Robust Defense

Hosted by Fiserv

ACH & Wire fraud attacks are on the rise, causing irretrievable reputational damage to banks once these failures make the news. What’s more, cyber criminals continue to penetrate and circumvent even the strongest online security measures, leaving institutions and their customers open to attack. View this on-demand webinar and hear how a multilayered defense strategy with proactive payment monitoring helps tackle this growing threat. During this complimentary webinar, hosted by Fiserv, you will learn more about:

  • Real-life strategies you can put in place once fraud has been detected
  • What is involved in ACH and Wire fraud. How is this crime perpetrated and how you can prevent losses for your institution and customers?

Mastering Your Transaction Monitoring System: Improve your Hit Rates and Reduce False Positives

Hosted by ACAMS and Fiserv

Watch an in-depth discussion on optimizing your institution's transaction monitoring system. In an era of limited resources and time constraints, refining your transaction monitoring system could lead to greater efficiency and productivity for your organization. Don't miss this chance to learn how to utilize the full extent of your system. During this complimentary webinar, jointly hosted by Fiserv and ACAMS, you will learn:

  • How to efficiently and effectively improve your hit rates, reduce false positives and minimize investigation cycles
  • How to refine your transaction monitoring program to bolster your overall AML program
  • Ways to streamline your investigations

The Cross Border Wire Transfer Reporting Proposal From FinCEN

Hosted by Neil Katkov, Celent

View this recorded webinar about the Cross Border Wire Transfer Reporting Proposal from FinCEN – and learn about the actions compliance officers will have to take.
The Cross Border Wire Transfer Reporting Proposal from FinCEN is being much talked about in the anti-money laundering prevention world. View the presentation by Celent and Fiserv, and discover more about AML trends and the impact this proposal could have on your organization.

The Move to Enterprise Fraud Management: Managing Financial Crime Risk

Hosted by Celent and Fiserv

Financial institutions, consumers and regulators recognize that financial crime is becoming more complex, and is perpetrated by a different class of criminal. Today's criminals are increasingly sophisticated and are using technology as part of their ammunition. Banks must stay ahead of the game to detect and prevent this new era of financial crime and, at the same time, increase customer satisfaction and deliver on the bottom line.